BCA and AS Audit Reports

If Council or Fire Brigade have issued you with a Fire Order (or notified you of their intention to issue one) don’t ignore these letters.

They mean business.  If you ignore their requests, they will eventually issue hefty fines and order the premises be vacated. You may also find your insurance underwriter will decide to revoke your insurance cover.

Council or the Fire Brigade won’t tell you exactly what needs to be done to bring your building into compliance.

Your starting point is getting a BCA and AS Audit Report commissioned on your building.

Dragon Fire Services have Building Surveyors who can carry out these audits and provide you with reports. Some councils may also request a Private Certifier sign off on reports as well, which we can arrange.

From there, we can negotiate with council on your behalf to stage the works required over a few years, starting with the most urgent work. Dragon Fire Services can then carry out the repairs, project manage the repairs for you or simply leave it with you to arrange another contractor.

For more information on these or any of our other services, please call our office on 1300 149 218 or mobile 0411 293 004.