Residential Unit Block Protection

Residential unit blocks pose unique challenges for fire safety, given the number of storeys and occupants to be evacuated.

Early warning is imperative. All residential unit blocks must have working smoke alarms, and or smoke detection systems installed.

Fires are often started by malfunctioning heaters, dropped cigarettes or electrical faults and can take hold within minutes.

Flashover (where a fire moves from the original source to igniting the whole room) can be as little as 2 minutes. Rooms can reach over 1000 degrees C.

Dragon Fire Services, have installed or upgraded fire systems in many Residential Unit Blocks in Sydney.

Dragon Fire Services ensures aesthetics are a major consideration when installing fire safety measures in residential apartment buildings.

We can conceal wiring and take other precautions to ensure installation is not unsightly.

Naturally, its much cheaper to throw cable and conduit in any old how, and you will probably still comply with BCA and AS.  However the unsightly appearance could drop tens of thousands of dollar value from your apartment. Apples are not always apples when comparing fire companies quotes – make sure you ask what the finished product will look like. See case studies for more information.

Important information about Dragon Fire Services:

  • We are a Corporate member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA).
  • We have Home Owners Warranty insurance which is required for all residential work over $20K.
  • Our staff are friendly, courteous and helpful.
  • Our staff clean up after themselves.
  • As we are working in people’s homes all staff are submitted to police checks.

Please refer to our case studies on residential unit blocks.

For more information on these or any of our other services, please call our office on 1300 149 218 or mobile 0411 293 004.