Strategic Fire Safety Audits

Do you know if your building complies with current BCA/AS fire codes?

Building codes relating to fire safety have been significantly updated and strengthened over the years.

If you have an older building, consider commissioning a BCA/AS audit and strategic fire safety report.

Our Dragon Fire Engineering experts will inspect and test your building’s fire protection systems.

We’ll then provide you a brief report in simple, easy to understand terms outlining:

  • Your premise’s current level re compliance.
  • Provide recommendations to bring your systems up to current standards.

This report will detail a comprehensive strategic upgrade path which can often be staged over a 5 year timeframe (hence defraying your costs) if necessary.

Proactively completing a Fire Safety Audit, will put you into a much better position should your Council or Insurer come knocking.  An Audit in your hands will help you negotiate a “voluntary” fire upgrade program, allowing you to manage costs by getting the urgent work done now, while deferring the rest.

You may also be able to reduce insurance costs by showing you are implementing complient systems which reduce your insurance underwriter’s costs.

And finally, you’ll know your premises have the highest level of fire protection available today in order to provide peace of mind to all concerned.

For more information on these or any of our other services, please call our office on 1300 149 218 or mobile 0411 293 004.