Annual AFSS Certification

Under the NSW EP&A Act 2000, Local councils and NSW Fire Brigade require all Fire Engineering Solutions to be annually certified in accordance with the AS1851 and AS2293.2 standard.

Upon passing certification, you will be issued with a AFSS Certificate.

Failure to produce an AFSS certificate on demand could see you being issued with hefty fines that start at $2,000 a week!

New regulations came into effect on the 1st of October 2017 with regards to AFSS and who can sign them. Previously the owner or building manager could sign the AFSS, this is no longer the case as a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) now needs to sign the AFSS. The reason for this is that previously buildings were being certified which should not have been issued with a certificate. For more information look at Fair trading NSW website link

Dragon Fire Engineers will inspect all your fire systems to ensure fire safety measures comply with the required Building Code of Australia and applicable Australian Standards as well as any fire engineered solutions which have been fitted.

Any necessary repairs must be completed prior to certification being issued, to ensure the fire safety measures are capable of performing to their original design requirements.

Upon completion we will provide complete documentation to this effect.

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